Welcome to Scotland County Humane Society!

Scotland County Humane Society is determined to find shelter pets a loving furever home through local adoptions or rescues.


Beginning 2024 there will be a $25 cash only non-refundable processing fee to complete applications that will go towards the adoption fee.

Cat/Dog Adoptions

Adopting should be a match made in heaven, but the first step is filling out our application online or in person.

Help control the stray animal population by spaying/neutering your pet(s). Vouchers are available on Tuesdays from 9AM-1PM!

Spay and Neuter Vouchers

If you have Medicaid or Food Stamps and live in Scotland County, you may qualify for assistance. $20 cash only per pet with a limit of four pets per year.

Photos of your pet upon submission can help us better look out for your lost pet but is not required.

Lost and Found

Some pets are a little mischievous. Informing our shelter of run aways is easy, but you must come in person with proof to claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process for adoption?

Beginning 2024, applications will await submission until the $25 cash only processing fee has been received.

Our application process is very thorough and lengthy to make sure our shelter pets go to the right home.

You may either come to the shelter in person to fill out an application or fill one out online through our website. Assuming the processing fee is paid and everything is filled out accordingly, the application may be approved between 1-2 weeks (longer during the holiday rush). 

After you receive a call from us, in regards to being approved, you get your pick of an available shelter pet for a scheduled Meet & Greet during our normal business hours Mon-Fri. This is where you and your family members (including furry pets you may already have) can meet in person to see if their personality is what you expected and a right fit for you. If you are satisfied with your choice then you may take the shelter pet home after the completetion of any final appointments and paying the remaining adoption fee.

Please note processing and application fees are CASH ONLY. If you do NOT have proof of the ability to house a pet on the property, your application will remain incomplete until you bring us the agreement to prove so. This is usually stated on a lease agreement. We will also verify your veterinary references that your current pets are up to date on their vaccinations and spayed/neutered. All pets 6 months or older will be spayed/neutered before being adopted. No exceptions.

What is the adoption fee?

Beginning 2024 there will be a non-refundable $25 processing application fee that will go towards the adoption fee of the shelter pet chosen. Denied applicants will not be refunded as the contributions will go towards daily care of our shelter pets.

Our adoption fees are:

$125 per dog ($100 after fee)

$75 per cat ($50 after fee)

Rates are to help cover our expenses per animal. Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, microcipping, rabies vaccine (if old enough), annual vaccines, flea preventive, deworming, sometimes FeLV/FIV testing (not always), heartworm testing and heartworm preventatives while in our care.

Where do I submit forms?

All online adoption and foster application forms must be submitted to adoption@scotlandhumane.org to await approval before a pet may be chosen to bring home. Beginning 2024 these forms will not be aprocessed for review until we receive the $25 CASH ONLY processing fee.

Online forms regarding vouchers as well as lost and found can be submitted to shelter@scotlandhumane.org to be placed in our system accordingly. A photo with your lost pet record is highly encouraged.

Please note online submissions does NOT equal approval and can take anywhere between one day to two weeks and sending follow-up emails will not speed up this process. Please wait for a member of our staff to contact you between that time before calling/emailing in for updates.

What services do you provide?

Each dog and cat in our care is provided a healthy, clean, safe and warm place to stay while they await their adoption as our goal is to find our animals a happy, permanent home, through local adoptions or rescues.

We are an Animal Shelter run by the Humane Society so we do NOT offer any veterinary services to the public. Please visit your veterinary clinic for any of these services. 

We offer spay/neuter assistance to those who qualify that live in Scotland County ONLY. It is limited to 4 pets per year (original assistance date). Dates may vary so please visit the spay/neuter tab for updates.

We are currently providing a TNVR Program! Please visit underneath our Support Us tab for eligibility details. 

Who provides emergency services?

Scotland County Humane Society does NOT offer emergency services.

If you have found a cat/dog, have a stray in your neighborhood or would like to report neglect, please contact the animal control number provided and leave a message in the event they do not immediately answer.

(910) 277-2440 Option 3 for Scotland County

(910) 277-3231 for City of Laurinburg ask for the Animal Control officer on call

Owner surrender process?

Due to the limited spacing and the overpopulation of strays we are no longer accepting owner surrenders at this time.

You are free to use the link below to help find your pet a new home.

Rehome (adoptapet.com)

Is this a no kill shelter?

This shelter strives to be both open admission and no-kill although this is not always the end result.

Because of our commitment, we may end up handling extremely sick or aggressive animals that are unsafe to release as an adoptable option to members of our community. Acquired pets such as these are often results due to no fault of their own, but take up resources otherwise used for an adoptable pet.

Our mission is to be a place where community members can take their animals, during dire or unexpected situations when they don't know where else to turn. However, capacity does limit our ability to admit drop offs. Please don't pick up strays and call animal control as they are trained to assume risk and, in many cases, will meet you at the stray location.