Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return (TNVR) Program is now available!

Please donate to PayPal on our Support Us tab with note TNVR so we can continue to provide this service. Community involvement is required to stop expansion!

If there are an abundance of feral cats on your property, we can assist you in preventing more litters.

Non-negotiable requirements:

You assume all risk of injuries to you or trapped cat(s)

Must be 18 years or older with valid ID

Must live in Scotland County 

Must provide your own trap to use on YOUR PROPERTY ONLY

Must be willing to keep cat(s) on your property/any kittens found will be your responsibility

Willing to provide minimum 24hr post surgery recovery care

Program does not cover (you will pay out of pocket for):

Pregnancy cases

Sick cases

Critically injured cases

Medications that may be recommended by veterinary clinic


Please note that this program is meant for FERAL cats. Any cat(s) that are deemed domesticated by our partnering veterinary clinic will not be spayed/neutered. You will need to make an appointment to pay at your expense. If you need assistance with your pet, please visit our spay/neuter program page under our Resources tab.